Our mission is to help you
Achieve your mission.

We’re a web technology and Software-as-a-Service provider focused
on helping organizations do more with less.

Whether you need a simple database or several integrated systems
we can help. Our broad suite of products can manage all your day-to-day
activities and help you and your agency succeed.

Some of our amazing apps

Org Fundamentals

Choose from our Members, Donors, Volunteers, Staff and Contact Log systems. Flip seamlessly between them.


Manage events, conferences and training programs with our convenient tools for online registration and payments.

Case Management

Automate and streamline your cases with our convenient system for storing and accessing client information.

Grant Management

Administer and automate your grant program with a one-stop solution for grant seekers, assessors and administrators.

Looking for something custom?
You got it.

We recognize that many agencies have developed unique ways of operating their business. We believe that software should be adapted to your workflow and not vice versa.

That's why you can customize our apps as you need. Our platform allows you to pick and choose your own modules, fields, menus, pages, colors, users, roles, emails, reminders, exports, reports, kit and caboodle, kitchen sink...

Our principles


Our powerful Crafter allows systems to be developed at a fraction of the time and cost as one developed from scratch.


Choose from a wide range of building blocks to create an app that matches your workflow and reporting requirements.

Collaboration Friendly

We host your apps securely in the cloud, providing convenient access to current information. No installation required.

Want to increase your impact?

If your current technology platform isn't quite making the cut,
we are happy to help. Learn more about how we can improve your
efficiency and effectiveness. Join dozens of organizations
around the world who are changing the world!