Our Products

Choose one, or many, of the modules below. Flip seamlessly between them.
Adapt them to fit your needs.

1. Org Fundamentals

We know your organization has a lot of moving parts. We also know how inconvenient it can be to have multiple systems that can't talk to each other. That's why we make sure that data can be shared between modules: less redundancy. less hassle, more mission.

  • Members: Never lose track of your people. Track membership dues, events, communications and more.
  • Donors: Stay up to date on your supporters. Manage your fundraising activity and cultivate donor relationships.
  • Volunteers: We’ll help you with your helpers. Recruit, manage and communicate with your volunteers.
  • Staff: Performance, planning, goal-setting and more. Ensure your most important assets – your people – are well taken care of.
  • Contact Log: Always know who’s interacting with your organization. Keep quick and easy records of calls, visits and more.

2. Events / Workshops

Off-the-shelf event systems such as EventBrite can work well, but they often don't offer enough flexibility for many organizations. Our flexible systems comprise two main parts:

Members portal: First-time users may register and pay for an event. After this, they will get a username / password and their information is saved in the system. Members may sign in at any point to update their profile, register for workshops, make payments via PayPal, Stripe, invoice, etc.

Admin panel: The administrators can create Events or Workshops (that appear in the Members Portal), define payment methods, set registrant minimums / maximums, view members’ details, generate invoices, and much more.

3. Case Management

A custom case management system is used for collecting client data, tracking outcomes and generating reports. While these systems incorporate proven case management tools and checklists, they are crafted to suit your workflow, rather than force your workflow into the system.


  • Client intake - personal information, demographics, etc.
  • Case notes - communications, assessments, etc.
  • Group session management, participation records
  • Exit processes
  • Customizeable reports tailored to your Board's or funders' needs

4. Grant Management

Grant management systems assist organizations in administering and automating their grant programs. The systems are customized to allow both the grant seekers and administrators to simplify their workflow and minimize errors. The process tends to look as follows:

  • User Registration - Self-registration, verification, ability to report on an organization (multi-year)
  • Eligibility - Automated or manual approval. Considerations include organization type, location, whether previous years’ reports have been submitted, etc
  • Application - Organization and project details, budget, schedule / work plan, sustainability / evaluation
  • Staff Review - Eligibility review, additional information
  • Assessments - Online review (rating and weightings), automated scoring, collaboration and dashboards
  • Awards - Compiled information from staff/assessors, decisions recorded
  • Project Reporting - Progress and final reports, comparison of application goals vs. actual accomplishments
  • Fund Reporting - Customizable by project, amount, topic, location, organization, etc.